The Catholic University of Angola: "How it all began."

In 1997, I spent a few weeks in Angola, mostly in the capital Luanda, with the President of Citizens Energy, Michael Kennedy, and the producer Larry Spagnola to document the beginning of a what was going to be a 15 years effort to help establish the Catholic University of Angola.

Over the next decade and beyond, we worked relentlessly with the Catholic Church, the Government of Angola, the US Government and the private sector - mostly the oil companies - to create the first non-governmental higher education institution in Angola: the Catholic University. This short testimonial may give a historical perspective to people interested in international development, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

There are over 4000 students enrolled today at the Catholic University in several departments. Please visit to learn more. Anyway, it all started during those few weeks spent in Luanda in 1997 ...

Filippo Nardin


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