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Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. d2 Content Pro

    d2 Content Pro is a component for Joomla! to make it more easy to manage, add and edit your Joomla articles in the backend. It works well alongside Joomla's core Article Manager (com_content), with your existing articles, and with the WYSIWYG editor of your choice (TinyMCE, JCE, etc). You will get an optimized editing form for your content - just the fields you need! Furthermore in the overview of articles you can easily see which articles have an intro image that is used on category blog pages.

    With the Pro version of d2 Content you can create your own d2 Content editor profiles that you can assign to user groups. We have a Free version available but it is limited to one fixed profile.

    Our experience

    We have created websites for many years for our clients. Honestly, we can't remember how often we had to explain to them which fields to edit and which fields to not touch. It never worked out well and they kept calling us for support again, asking:
    - why is something on the website is not showing up?
    - why does the sorting not work as expected?
    - or why are they not performing well on the Google search results.

    For example they often missed the "meta description" on the "Published" tab, which is essential for how Google displays text from your website in the search results. Or they changed the wrong date field and something like sorting did not work as expected.

    Your advantages:

    • Makes SEO easier - Add the meta description just beside your content.
    • Easy design - Never forget your intro image again and have a great design on your site.
    • Improved UX - Focus only on the important fields when editing your content.

    Joomla is great!

    Joomla gives you all the options you want ... but for normal users that might be to much, they are just overwhelmed.


    • 76 fields
    • 6 tabs (+ tabs for custom fields and plugins)

    d2 Content

    • FULLY Configurable
    • 1 tab (+ tabs for custom fields and plugins)

    d2 Content is easy - it solving these problems:

    • Only the fields you need
    • All fields on one page
    • Works with custom fields (if configured)
    • Intro Image in articles list (optional)

    d2 Content makes it easier to create and manage your articles.
    It does not replace "Content > Articles". It just uses the same content with an optimized form.
    You can use d2 Content and Joomla's Article Manager alongside each other!

  2. Flipping Book

    Joomla Flipping Book module will help you showing PDF Files in a Flipbook.
    Current Version 1.0.4

    100% Responsive

    Testted on mobile devices.

    Super easy install and setup

    You can easily setup in minutes and publish at any website.

    Fully customizable!

    Fully customizable via self-defined parameters!


    Every parameter is explained, just customize in minutes

    Color or Image Background

    You can set images as Flipbook Background!

    Single Page View

    You can show flipping book in a single page.

    Single Page Booklet View

    You can show flipping book in a single page as Booklet

    Double Page View

    You can show flipping book in a single page as Booklet or Zoom mode

    Enable Disable Zoom

    You can enable r disable the mouse wheel zoom in and out

    Prevent Download File

    You can prevent the PDF File download

    Encrypt PDF File Path

    Encrypt PDF File Path is encrypted at page source code.

    Right to Left or Left to Right Direction

    You can show flipping book direction from Right to Left or Left to Right

    Custom Outlines

    You can create custom outlines for better user experience.

    Multiple Flipbooks - Catalogue

    You can show multiple flipbooks on the same page

    Encrypted PDF Files

    You can hide the PDF Files from page source

    Available Languages

    • English translation and language file available.
    • Sprachdateien in Deutsch sind verfügbar.
    • Des fichiers de langue en Français sont disponibles.
    • Sono disponibili file di lingua in Italiano.
    • Los archivos de idioma en Español están disponibles.
    • Nederlandstalige bestanden beschikbaar.
    • Arquivos de idioma em Português estão disponíveis.
    • Доступен русский перевод и языковой файл.
    • Διατίθεται Τουρκική μετάφραση και αρχείο γλώσσας.
    • Türkçe çeviri ve dil dosyası mevcut.
    • Dansk oversættelse og sprogfil tilgængelig.
    • Svensk översättning och språkfil tillgänglig.
  3. W7 WebP Images Converter

    Improve your page-load speed

    Page load time is very important part of search engine optimization (SEO). Every visitor expects your website to be loaded fast. If it takes more than 3 seconds, 50% of the visitors will go away. And that’s something you have to avoid. One of the things with the biggest impact on the load time is images.

    W7 WebP Joomla plugin is a great solution for speeding up your website. It converts your PNG and JPEG images to WebP format for a faster load time automatically with support for old or unsupporting browsers (e.g. Safari).

    WebP Conversion
    Plugin converts your JPEGs and PNGs to WebP format automatically.

    Retina Images Support
    You can add high-density image versions and plugin will find them and use them.

    Choose The Quality
    You can choose the quality of your WebPs. The lower, the faster it loads. The higher, the better it looks.

  4. IWS.BY Video from Facebook Pro

    Video from Facebook Pro is an extension that allows you to add videos from the social network Facebook to a site running CMS Joomla 3. Adding videos will be easy for you. You only need a link to the video, the modules and plugins will do the rest for you.
    The package includes a module and two plugins. The module allows you to add video to any area of ​​the site using a system of modules. Plugins allow you to add video directly in JCE text editor in Joomla 3.

    Key features:
    - To add, you only need a link to the video.
    - You can choose the video width: Responsive or Fixed.
    - There is an option to autoplay the video after loading the page.
    - Lazy loading option.
    - You can enable the display of video text. The video will be wrapped in a Facebook style block.

  5. Categories list for Kunena

    Categories list for Kunena.

    Show all of the Kunena categories list in your site.

    After installed, place the module in any position.

    The template is overridable.


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