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Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. SMS Updates

    REQUIRES VirtueMart to be installed

    This is a VirtueMart extension plugin that helps website owners or administrators send SMS Updates regarding the order status of their customers on their website.

    There are several parameters set in place to help you configure the suitable text message you want to send your customers regarding their orders

    This extension uses MoceanAPI as the API service that is required for this extension. Please register an account at and get free trial credits instantly that you can use for this extension.

    Included is 2 zip files both of which has to be installed through the joomla administrator interface and there is also a step by step tutorial included in the file. Please extract the main zip file first.

    Try for FREE. 20 trial SMS credits will be given upon registration. Additional SMS credits can be requested and are subject to approval by MoceanSMS.

  2. Ol Services

    Ol Services is a responsive module which displays your services in slider or wall mode.

    Item settings.

    Type (web font icons or image)
    Style ( seven different styles in pro module)
    Background (grey, red, orange, blue, green, brown, pink or black)
    Text info

    General Settings

    Version ( Standard or slider)
    Items distance
    Open link in new widow (Yes/No)
  3. SD Tinify

    SD Tinify is an automatic image compressor! Upload images to your website using the media manager or even JCE and the images get compressed automatically. Sometimes the image size gets reduced by 75%! The speed of your website will improve and your visitors will love you!

    - Uploaded images get compressed automatically.
    - Compress any file or directory from the Joomla media manager.
    - The JCE media manager is supported too!
    - The speed of your website will improve.
    - No set up needed!

  4. SD Icons

    SD Icons is a small plugin to embed and easily add font icons to your Joomla website! Embed icons using simple tags and SD Icons will take care of the rest.

    Icon tags will be replaced on the complete page, meaning you can use them in:

    • Articles
    • Menu items
    • Lists
    • Modules
    • Products
    • Adverts
    • And more!

    It's OK when your website does not yet contain these icon font libraries. You can safely embed them in the configuration.

    SD Icons currently supports:
    - FontAwesome Free & Pro
    - LineAwesome

  5. Product Name Length Value Input

    Product Name Length Value Input.

    Works in the following versions of open cart:,,

    Works in the following version of Mijoshop: 3.x.x

    Works in the following version of Jcart 2.x.x.x

    Works in the following version of Joomla 1.5.x / Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x.x

    Installation procedure:

    1. Unzip the download file.

    2. use jcart/mijoshop/open cart extension installer to install.

    3. Simply used the extension installer and upload the - ProductNameLengthValueInput.OCMOD

    4. Check the results in modification and in System-your store- option tab.


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